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WEBINAR: Are Your Organization's Wireless Communications Putting You at Risk?

Alex Cimon

Businesses in virtually all industries − manufacturing, retail, hospitality, energy, healthcare, public safety, to name a few − and other organizations, such as state and local governments, use wireless communications to support day-to-day operations pursuant to the FCC regulatory framework. Often FCC licenses are required, but devices and systems not subject to licensing are becoming more common, from digital scanners and unlicensed push-to-talk radios to RFID chips and unlicensed machine-to-machine links. These unlicensed operations are also often subject to complicated FCC regulations governing the use of wireless spectrum.

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau continues to step up its enforcement on matters concerning licenses and unlicensed use of the radio spectrum, unauthorized transfers of control or assignments, and operation of unlawful signal boosters and jammers. Many businesses and other organizations may be unprepared to avoid the pitfalls that may arise. Your organization may be exposed to burdensome investigations, monetary forfeitures, and other penalties if you fail to identify your applicable regulatory obligations and put a plan in place to ensure compliance.

Partner Chip Yorkgitis, Senior Associate Josh Guyan and Associate Dawn Damschen of Kelley Drye & Warren’s Communications Practice Group on address the recent trends in FCC enforcement actions and the practical steps your company can take to ensure that you comply with FCC licensing requirements and use of unlicensed devices and systems.