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WEBINAR: The TCPA Thicket: Making Sense of the FCC's Latest Ruling

Alex Cimon

On June 18,  the FCC approved a major TCPA Declaratory Ruling that redefined an “autodialer,” specified liability for calls to reassigned telephone numbers, provided consumers with a right to revoke consent via any reasonable means and established new exceptions for financial and healthcare related calls, among other things.  With the order’s release on Friday, July 10, industry participants can finally begin to evaluate the implications of the FCC’s rulings on their ability to text or call customers and potential customers.  In this podcast  Kelley Drye’s TCPA Practice and Government Affairs attorneys will discuss the rulings, the prospects for appeals, and potential legislative responses to the FCC action.


WEBINAR: Kelley Drye 6th Annual USF Update

Alex Cimon

From the intricacies of USF contributions to revisions in the four support funds, this podcast will help any communications provider understand and thrive in this space.

This update addresses the major developments in the past year. In the area of USF contributions, partners John J. Heitmann and Steve A. Augustino, and associates Denise Smith and Josh Guyan discuss the most recent USF appeals, the FCC's referral of contributions reform to a Federal-State Joint Board and, of course, our annual review of what you need to know in the FCC's Form 499-A instructions.  The podcast also addresses what to expect in the new mandatory USAC appeal process for USF decisions.

In relation to the supported programs, the podcast discusses the significant changes made to the FCC's e-rate program, and the impact of the nearly $1.5 billion annually being added to the e-rate fund. It also discusses key issues for Lifeline carriers, including the latest on duplicates detection, biennial audits and the re-certification process. In addition, the podcast covers critical issues affecting rural healthcare providers and participants in the Connect America Fund high cost program. Finally, it concludes with an overview of USF enforcement actions and the activities of the new USF "Strike Force" in the FCC's Enforcement Bureau.

WEBINAR: FCC Releases Open Internet Order

Alex Cimon

The FCC voted 3-2, along party lines, to reclassify “broadband Internet access service” (including both fixed and mobile broadband) as a “telecommunications service” under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and to apply new prohibitions on blocking, throttling and paid prioritization.  It also forbears from many provisions of Title II, while applying other of the traditional Title II provisions.

The release of the Order enables everyone to begin the process of dissecting the dense 300+ pages of rules and explanations for the Commission’s action.  The Order also moves the Open Internet rules one step closer to judicial review.  Appeals can be filed once the Order is published in the Federal Register, a process that may take a week or more to be completed.

In this podcast, Kelley Drye attorneys Steve Augustino, John Heitmann, Tom Cohen and Jameson Dempsey discuss the implications of this order.

WEBINAR: FCC Equipment Authorization Rules: What Manufacturers, Retailers, and Others in the Chain Need to Know

Alex Cimon

Partner Chip Yorkgitis and Senior Associate Josh Guyan of the Communications Practice Group of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP address the FCC's equipment authorization and marketing rules as well as the FCC's recent enforcement actions associated with this equipment capable of causing harmful interference. Discussion includes practical steps companies can take to ensure they remain compliant and is designed for manufacturers, importers, distributors, and vendors of all types of digital and electronic equipment that fall under the broad scope of the FCC's regulations. These companies should familiarize themselves with, and stay current with, the FCC's rules, and implement procedures to ensure that their devices are in compliance with the pertinent regulations.

WEBINAR: Are Your Organization's Wireless Communications Putting You at Risk?

Alex Cimon

Businesses in virtually all industries − manufacturing, retail, hospitality, energy, healthcare, public safety, to name a few − and other organizations, such as state and local governments, use wireless communications to support day-to-day operations pursuant to the FCC regulatory framework. Often FCC licenses are required, but devices and systems not subject to licensing are becoming more common, from digital scanners and unlicensed push-to-talk radios to RFID chips and unlicensed machine-to-machine links. These unlicensed operations are also often subject to complicated FCC regulations governing the use of wireless spectrum.

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau continues to step up its enforcement on matters concerning licenses and unlicensed use of the radio spectrum, unauthorized transfers of control or assignments, and operation of unlawful signal boosters and jammers. Many businesses and other organizations may be unprepared to avoid the pitfalls that may arise. Your organization may be exposed to burdensome investigations, monetary forfeitures, and other penalties if you fail to identify your applicable regulatory obligations and put a plan in place to ensure compliance.

Partner Chip Yorkgitis, Senior Associate Josh Guyan and Associate Dawn Damschen of Kelley Drye & Warren’s Communications Practice Group on address the recent trends in FCC enforcement actions and the practical steps your company can take to ensure that you comply with FCC licensing requirements and use of unlicensed devices and systems.

WEBINAR: Examining the FTC’s Report on the Internet of Things

Alex Cimon

The FTC has issued its long-awaited report entitled The Internet of Things: Privacy and Security in a Connected World.  The report includes recommended privacy and security best practices for companies that create and sell connected devices.  But the line between best practices and alleged violations can quickly blur.  This podcast examines the FTC report and discusses compliance considerations for the design and marketing of such connected products and services.